Excellent product. I was very hesitant at first to go with an LED after reading that my car may start to have error codes or flickering of the lights once the LEDs are installed, but these are flawless. I was so impressed I actually installed them on my girlfriend’s car. The lights are very bright and give amazing visibility in the darkest conditions. I would recommend these to anyone. And for the price, you can’t beat them! They were literally plug and play with our vehicles. They did not require the capacitors either. If you can change the lightbulb in your car, you can install these with no issue. Just for reference, I installed these on a 2015 Chevy Camaro 2LS and a 2014 Mazda 3 2.0 skyactiv.

Logan Frame

I’m impressed. I was doing a lot of searching for a high quality led replacement, the problem is that they all say the same about themselves and that they are number one, etc. I am hard to please, and these didn’t disappoint me. They are well designed, and put out a nice bright clean light. The fans are hardly noticable. The install was very simply. I don’t know why someone would spend more money on something different? If you are hard to please but at the same time don’t want to waste money you should consider these, I ended up buying an additional set for my other vehicle because I was so impressed.

Brian Lee

If you’re considering getting any led kit, get this one, it is awesome! It fit right in on my 96 Audi A4 Quattro with the ring. I was skeptical of how bright they would be because of how bad the 21 years of dirt and grime on my is, but I was quickly surprised when I switched them on that night to find they were insanely bright, I can actually see when driving at night now! Plus they look awesome! I was originally hoping the would be more blue than they are, but after seeing these I love the white with a slight tint of blue, they are literally brighter than my halogen brights, will definitely get the Hi beam kit soon.

Phillip Ratliff

Great quality. Bright white light and a nice crisp beam. The 360* adjustment is a must which you don’t get with a lot of bulbs. Some Chrysler products have issues like my 2017 Journey. NINEO was there for support. They got me going fast. Needed cancelers and a relay harness because of my vehicle. Very happy with these. I would recommend these bulbs.

Frederick Kozik

Installed these in my 2012 F150… WOW what an upgrade over standard dingy yellow stock bulbs… the hardest part of this was getting the out. LED replacements and harness where perfect fit. The package came with a small allen wrench to adjust bulb collar. Mine were set right from the factory. Just remember on Hi/low beam bulbs the lower rear LED chip is the High beam. These are very bright with a great beam pattern only thing I may do is lower (re-aim) the light a little…

Jessica Myers

Great, crisp cool white light out of these in a high beam configuration. On my 2017 Toyota 4Runner I had to position the LEDs to point left and right (horizontally) versus the low beams which are positioned up\dowm (vertically). This was to match the “throw” pattern of the high beam reflectors in my truck; your’s may differ and if you don’t know how to tell then you’ll need to play around by adjusting the connector ring position on the lights. Just installed so don’t have longevity numbers yet.

George Padilla

I work for an auto parts store and I was looking at new for my car. The LEDs that we could get were $100+ and that’s even with my employee discount. Installing these was easier than it is to install normal bulbs. The brightness is unrivaled, they are even better than the HIDs that I had in my last car. Definitely worth the money.

Aric Castro

I had upgraded my 2011 Scion a while back for LED’s and found them “sufficient”. Then I bought these. I am happy to be able to see the lane markers on my early morning commute, and the edge of the road at night at my father’s country home. These will surely have you smiling too. I !STRONGLY! suggest these for your H11 upgrade!

Sonja Orozco

These lights are amazing super bright and great quality. I installed them in my mk4 vw jetta and they are amazing. Honestly for the price these lights change the whole look of the car the LEDs are a super ice blue/white. I recommend these to everyone

Tom Lowrie

Nicely manufactured and presented. Quiet fan system. Light output really good, almost perfect white. Very cost effective compared to good quality halogen.

Martin Lott

I installed these in my 2005 Subaru WRX. Installation was easy, they are bright & there are no problems so far. They work perfectly. They have just been installed & will update my review if there are any problems in the future. But no need for a decoder or anything on this model. Now I can see driving back & forth from work in the dark! Yes! I replaced high & low beam & next will do fog lights with this same brand. I read reviews on other brands & it seems there are problems. But no problem here & I am happy with my purchase.

Kau Lehua

Just installed this led lights bulb. Installation was very easy and simple like oem bulb. And size is also perfect. It is very bright..I have been using this led bulb for two days , haven’t found and flickering.. so far, I’m so satisfied about this…it is good value for money… hope this product will last long… give five star for this

Damon Greene