• NINEO 9005 LED Headlight Bulb w/Small Size,10000LM 6500K Cool White CREE Chips Hb3 All-in-One Conversion Kit

    9005 led headlight bulbs 1. More Brighter - Custom CREE square micro lamp beads on compact body,the performance gets improved,more than 3 times brighter than halogen lamp. 2. Better Usability - Small body for strong fit,it can be used on 99% vehicle models. 3. Stronger Cooling - Our small bulbs combine two cooling functions: a turbo fan and a cold-pressed aluminum case that cools even in tight spaces. 4. More Safer - Compact body with a strong core "Intelligent Safety System",self-correcting to ensure complete protection for you and your equipment. 5. Little Creativity - Small body but not settle for mediocrity,360-degree adjustable buckle,pursuing of the perfect light type for you.
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